What We Do



Social Action Partners (SoACT) works with nonprofits in communities of need to assure accessible, high quality technical assistance that is culturally responsive and facilitates increased revenue into our communities.

When nonprofit organizations receive funding, such resources typically go directly to programs serving the community or to keep the lights on in the building. Knowing the benefits of professional development, but understanding the challenges in affordability, Social Action Partners provides individual and small group team building for nonprofits. Our strengths-based approach to individual and group efforts allows those with whom we work to utilize their talents to their best and highest purpose while we support their needs to integrate new knowledge, skills and systems know-how.

Social Action Partners works to uplift under-served areas by assisting nonprofits with:

  • - Fortifying their capacity to generate earned income
  • - Developing indigenous leadership to learn consultation, coaching and facilitation skills
  • - Employing the social, cultural and economic resources within their communities. For us, building organizational effectiveness is a matter of equity.

Our Expertise

Social Action Partners host workshops designed and facilitated in partnership with our South LA Peer Capacity Partners a group of leaders from resilient and effective nonprofits, which are customized to the needs or the organizations receiving the services. These workshops are centered on our six technical assistance areas:


Board Development

Our Board Development Program delivers quality board leadership and governance training. Organizations need powerful boards however the recruitment and training of board members remain a consistent problem in communities of need. We work with existing boards and executive management to analyze and develop remedies through sound workshops, coaching and technical assistance to develop dynamic effective boards.



SoACT works with organizations to clarify key messages, identify target audiences, and break down complex ideas for mass consumption. Using experiences in public relations and social marketing research, we craft strategic messages to maximize the impact on target audiences, whether they come from philanthropy, academia, or the community at large. We also work to pair traditional media strategies with social media technology to help organizations strengthen their communications, both internally and with external stakeholders.


Facilitator Training

Nonprofit organizations, particularly those in low-income communities, need to earn more income. To that end, we have developed training that will enhance the expertise of local nonprofit leaders to become facilitators and trainers to other nonprofits. This issue of technical assistance is of grave concern to funders but it is challenging to come up with new and innovative approaches. SoACT’s program trains individuals to be facilitators then matches them with organizations that need their help.


Fund Development Planning

With its wealth of experience and contacts, SoACT helps organizations cultivate relationships and provides useful information to increase funding sources. Getting grants is not based on chance. We help nonprofits learn negotiation, problem solving and strategic project design skills to help their organization stand out in a competitive funding market.


Organizational Assessment

How do organizations understand better how to compete for resources, and to also collaborate? Community organizations have to understand their strengths, build on them, and collaborate to accomplish more. Social Action Partners is positioned to improve social marketing, resource development, and program design and implementation for community-based organizations.


Organizational / Leadership Development

We work closely with organization leadership to help identify the obstacles that may hinder them from reaching goals and guide them through the necessary changes. This may be a change of leadership, attitudes, values or structure to improve the overall effectiveness of an organization. Our services improve organizational performance by creating an environment where staffers feel comfortable sharing their ideas, individuals take greater responsibility for their actions as team members, and the staff – as a whole – discover new ways to work together to reach shared organizational goals.


Program / Campaign Management

Together, with organization leaders, SoACT identifies the focus of the work, inform it with best practices and help align it with their long-term vision. We assist in creating or refining a logic model and/or theory of change that spell out relationships between program strategies and intended results. Through landscape analysis and other strategies, we help inform campaigns and programs that meet the needs of the community and integrate evaluative measures so leaders can achieve the social impact that they desire. SoACT is also an experienced intermediary, working closely with foundations to effectively manage complex community initiatives.


Strategic Planning

We help nonprofits produce short- and long-term plans that focus on their mission, effectively articulate what they want to accomplish and identify evaluation frameworks that determine whether the desired change was achieved. To do this, we use a variety of techniques to gather and analyze information from various stakeholders, including educators, policymakers, community leaders and residents.


Technical Assistance and Trainings

SoACT helps nonprofit organizations overcome challenges by assessing needs, identifying the weaknesses and mitigating them. Whether it’s leadership development, diversifying funding, technology-based tools, conference/event planning, or internal communication strategies, Social Action Partners can help.