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We give small nonprofits the tools that keep our communities strong!

Want to help? Social Action Partners aims to strengthen low-income communities in South LA by bolstering the work of local nonprofits. When a community’s nonprofits thrive, the community thrives. And yet it takes a lot of planning to launch a nonprofit and subsequently, a lot of resources for strategic planning, fundraising, board development and advocacy to keep it afloat.

Social Action Partners’ South LA Peer-Led Capacity Project is like a tugboat, offering support and guidance to weather the waves. By ensuring that 100% of all donated funds go towards coaching these nonprofit advisors and paying for their services, we keep the advising service free or low-cost for the benefiting nonprofits.

SoACT is working to ensure that organizations serving low-income communities receive the support they deserve. When you donate to Social Action Partners, you’re not only creating a brighter, more stable future for a local nonprofit, you’re creating a brighter, more stable future for South LA.


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