Keeping up with Fundraising

Written by Maya Cacavas

Fundraising is an important topic to stay current.  With more than 18,000 nonprofits in Los Angeles alone, keeping up with our peers and spearheading new standards can be challenging, to say the least.  Trying to sort through different suggestions of what’s new and what’s working for other may seem a bit daunting.  The good news is we have sifted through some of what’s out there for you and are excited to share a couple of the highlights we found right here.

Branding:  Branding is key to fundraising in any nonprofit organization.  Effective branding can help to instill confidence in your potential donors.  Let’s look at Girl Scouts of America as an example of effective branding.  Most of us know when we see that green and white logo who and what we’re supporting.  We can give our support with confidence, knowing that there is a real organization behind that brand doing real and important work.  A good brand will catch the attention of the people who see it.  It will send donors a strong message that you have an important mission, and a strong group of people supporting that mission.  Build your brand and share it !

Make Donating Easy:  Making sure our websites are user friendly is a point growing in importance today.  A few ways to do this are to avoid the long, laborious forms for donors to complete.  Instead, limit the request for information to only the fields that are needed.  You can also suggest giving amounts which donors can click on to donate (and which have been proven to encourage more giving).  Be sure that there are no promotions around the donation portion of your site; we want to keep the focus on donating or getting involved with the organization.  Make sure fundraising & donations can be easily accomplished through our websites and through those little handheld devices as well.

Many cell phones function like mini computers so ideally our websites should be designed to accommodate them.  I am sure I’m not the only one who has tried to make a purchase or sign up for something using my cell phone only to be met with disappointment when the website does not support mobile use.  If you’ve been there, you know how frustrating that can be, so it is really important to ensure that our potential donors don’t encounter that problem.

We hope you enjoyed our share on fundraising this week!  Stay tuned as we post weekly articles on different topics on all things nonprofit.  Have a great week!