Year- End Funding Tips!

We only have a few weeks left to fundraise in 2017! But fear not, we’re here to help!  Here are few tips to get you ready for your year-end campaign!

Step One: Prepare and Plan!

October may be the beginning of the fourth quarter, but it is not too late to start thinking about those year-end donations!

  • Assess past year-end results and define your goal
  • Evaluate your data and segment your donors
  • Outline your communications based on key dates and donor preferences. Develop a communications calendar for October, November, and December

Step Two: Craft a Compelling Story and Make Giving Easy!

The holidays is a time a gratitude and giving! It is also a great time to share your story!

  • Build your case for support around individual stories of how your nonprofit is making an difference. Put a face on your appeal! A compelling story shows why you need your donor’s help and why the funds are important now!
  • Make giving donations as easy as possible. Show donors how their gift will impact your cause (i.e. – meals served, houses built, or animals vaccinated) and how much is needed to reach your goal so they understand the value of supporting your mission.

Step Three: Plan for a Strong Campaign Push in December!

33% of donations made in December occur on the 31st of the month. Be prepared for last-minute year-end donors!

  • Make sure your website is ready for year-end giving. Update the homepage of your website to feature your year-end giving campaign. Make it as easy as possible for donors to connect to your donation page.
  • Send weekly communication pieces the last two weeks of the year. Most donors know they will make a year-end gift, but some are still undecided about how much they will give. Continue to share your case for support and make it easy for them to give at the last moment.