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Trump-Era Blues: 3 tips and opportunities for Social Justice Non-profits trying to move forward?

This actions of this new administration has been swift and shocking. People across the country, and the world, were confused by the unexpected electoral success of President Donald J. Trump. Since then, people the world over have been actively grieving, working, and processing what it will mean for the next four years. Looking for tips on how to move forward progressively? Click here for our top three.

  1. Highlight Your Great Work: In the current climate, many people are looking for ways to contribute to a more just and equitable society. Use this as an opportunity to increase your organization’s visibility and fundraising efforts. By highlighting how your work is filling the void between equity and inequity, you are providing prospective donors with an opportunity to give to their values.
  2. Alternative Fund Development: With the prospect of possible decreases in government allocations toward social justice work, it is important to diversify your fund development efforts beyond government grants. Consider private foundations, individual donors, major gifts, and board giving as additional opportunities to raise funds. It is also a great opportunity to increase your volunteer pool. People want to help, so let them.
  3. Healing Time: Work with your community of volunteers, staff, and directors to breathe, process, and heal. Many are dealing with increased anxiety, so make space for everyone to decompress and de-stress. Although social justice advocates may have taken a loss this past election cycle, the need for the work is ever more significant. Consequently, social justice nonprofits have a plethora of opportunities to help those most in need.  The work continues.