3 Ways Board Members Can Fundraise Without Asking for Money

A board member recently asked me “what can I do to help our organization bring in more money?” I was pleasantly surprised by the question and that he actually wanted to fundraise. Many nonprofits experience challenges engaging their board in fundraising activities. In fact, the idea of asking for money tends to be a sore spot for most people.

The good news is there are a lot of ways a board can support fundraising without actually asking for money themselves. Here are three ways to help you get started this week!

  1. Make Their Own Gift: The truth is every board member should be a current donor to your organization. One best practice is to have a “Give or Get” policy where board members have the option to donate (give) a certain amount of money every year or raise the equivalent amount from others (get). Some organizations have set amounts in their policy, others ask their members to give an amount that is significant to them based on their own capacity. It up to you!
  2. Thank the Donors: Stewardship is an important, yet often overlooked, strategy in fundraising. Board members can write thank you notes, make personal phone calls, or have lunch with high-worth donors. This not only deepens relationships with current donors, but it also provides an opportunity for board members to express why they support your mission!
  3. Host a Friend-raising Event: Host a small event where board members can invite their friends and network to come learn more about your organization’s mission and the great work you are doing. The purpose of this event to increase awareness of your organization. Donors are real people and fundraising is more than just money! Friends who are fired-up and passionate about the work you are doing can lead to limitless possibilities!